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Safety and Security

At NW Cryobank, the secure and safe handling of our donor specimens and personal storage are extremely important to us.  To that end, we have implemented the following measures to insure the safety of our facility, equipment and tissue products.

  • Our external entry doors are secured during all off hours and alarmed should there be any attempts to enter the building by unauthorized individuals.
  • The internal entry doors are double bolted when the facility is closed.  Each storage tank is locked.
  • Camera surveillance is maintained for all areas within our facility including the area outside our entry doors.
  • In our personal storage room, (embryo, egg, and sperm storage) no one other than employees are allowed to enter without being escorted.  These storage tanks have temperature monitoring devices that alarm an on-call employee should the temperature drop outside the normal range.  The same individual receives immediate communication in the event of any power variance and acts on this notification to assure that proper temperatures are maintained.