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Client Testimonials

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"We chose NW Cryobank because they were recommended by our doctor and didn't price certain donors higher than others, creating a hierarchy of exclusivity like other banks do. We loved NW Cryobank's easy and friendly customer service experience, and we also appreciate how we were able to connect with other "sibling" families!"

- C

After narrowing down to just two sperm banks (following extensive online reading for reviews, price comparisons etc), I saw there were papers to print and fax, I decided to try your bank and low and behold, no paper printing, which is what I was really looking for i.e. as much electronic and less paper as possible. This is why I chose NW Cryobank over the other competitors. I was happy to learn that even when I called my office this morning (actually a few minutes ago) they told me that this is new to them as they are not used to receiving this service electronically, so thumbs up and high 5 to NW Cryobank!

We purchased three specimens in 2004, did at home inseminations, and got pregnant!!! Thank you NW Cryobank...Noah is the light of my life!!! He is 4 years old.

- M

I have been dealing with NW since this past winter. Everyone has been so professional and courteous. I can't say enough about their staff. I have recommended them to all of my friends. Emails are answered within hours during the workday and by the next day if sent when the offices are closed. I can't say enough. They have made TTC so much easier. Thank you so much NW.

- Jamie

Thank you NW Cryobank and donor 025 for helping us have our daughter Kylie. Everytime I called NW I received prompt, reliable service. I am very impressed with the ease of the website, as well. Storage fees are great too. Without this sperm bank we could not have done it. Thank you all. I am recommending NW to my friends.

- Deb

Success after 18 cycles!! To anyone who is having problems conceiving, just relax and be patient!

- V

Thank you again for having such a great service and cryobank. My daughter is for me like winning the billion dollar off-spring lottery, so thank you for making that happen....I get choked up just thinking about it....always....she is so incredible....Please put the picture up on the site.
- Tracy

Thank you NW and donor 554. Through you, my husband and I have had our greatest dream come true. We got our pregnancy confirmation from the doctor today (7 March 2007) and will be forever grateful. We never thought this day would come, but here we are! Thank you so much for this miracle you have given us.

- Michelle

I want to thank NW and Donor 323 for my beautiful son Jesse. I lost a baby in 2004 and though the grief continues for my first son/miracle, my second son/miracle is my reason for living. He was born on 01/06/2006 and is the light of my life.

- Lisa

I want to thank donor 628 and NW Cryobank. My husband had 3 children by another marriage before he had a vasectomy. I adopted a daughter before we married. We now have a beautiful 13 month old daughter thanks to you. Will definitely do again in the future.

- Marissa

Thank you so much NorthWest. I had a little boy in October 2005. Aidan is a beautiful, energetic bundle of love and I can't wait to see who he becomes. Thank you seems like such a small gesture for such a wonderful gift. My pregnancy resulted from one AI cycle at home (2 vials). I found staff at NW to be informed, patient and really friendly. Thank you so much NW, donor 038 and everyone else for all of your help.

- Jane

I just want to thank NW for the great services they provide. I am a single working mom of one. When I wanted to expand my family I turned to NW they provided me with very professional service at an affordable price. I just found out I was pregnant on my first try. I am due November 7th 2006. I am very excited and I thank NW and Donor #497 for all the help they gave me.

- Kim

I have just reported my pregnancy, and feel compelled to write a little something about NW's services. I have been nothing but completely pleased with the level of service I have received from this company. Each time I call I am treated with such respect and patience, and it really makes this process so much easier to have that kind of support. I would recommend this company's services to anyone who asks! They have helped make my dreams come true, and I will be forever grateful!

- Kelly

We are proud parents of James and have not ever known this joy. I am suffering from premature ovarian failure and so a relative offered to carry a child for us. NW Cryobank was professional, prompt and empathetic. I highly recommend their services. Thanks for a gift of a lifetime.
- Laura

I just wanted to thank NW for being out there. My husband had a vasectomy years ago and the reversal process was so expensive with no guarentee of working. We had done a donor AI before through a fertility doctor and clinic with great success and had a little girl. We did not want to have to go through the whole fertility meds and doctor's appts. again, but our daughter was really hoping for a sibling. We found NW online and decided to proceed. We were blessed to

get pregnant on our very first cycle at home without the help of a doc. We now have a 6 month old little girl and a sister for our other daughter. God is so good. Thank you to Sam and staff for making this process so simple. You were all very helpful and are touching lives in ways that are amazing. Thank you again.

- Sarah

We have reported our pregnancy, as we are 6wks. We registered with NW and were shipping to the UK so we weren't sure how things would work. We thought that NW offered a very professional and helpful service all the way through. We fell pregnant on our 2nd IUI cycle with our chosen donor. We are excited about falling so soon but also realize it is early days. We found the information provided simple to use and that helped with the fact that we were nervous doing the inseminations. I would like to thank NW and its staff for helping me and my partner get pregnant. We will keep in touch with the outcome next April.

- Nicola

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